Food and Racial Equity (F.A.R.E.) Collective at NYU

The Food and Racial Equity (F.A.R.E.) Collective is a space for self-identified students of color in the Food Studies MA program at NYU. Their goal is to create grounds for socio-political dialogue, self empowerment, and movement building for a socially just food system.

F.A.R.E. Collective writes:

“As a group that stands in solidarity across intersectional lines, with a focus on food justice and racial equity, confronting systemic oppression is a priority for our community. As Food Studies graduate students, we have a dedicated interest in food, not only as an equalizer but as a means of new growth and healing. ‘A Small Needful Fact’ by Ross Gay addresses the urgent issue of racism and oppression in our society, while paying homage to Eric Garner and other folks who plant seeds for the next generation.

It’s important for us to acknowledge all the ways we contribute negatively to the environment. It’s even more important to think about how we can work collaboratively toward real solutions. This installation is in part a meditation for us and the viewers, but it’s also a way to give back to Mother Earth by tending to new life.”

F.A.R.E. is tending to “A Small Needful Fact” by Ross Gay.

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