Lola Jusidman Shoshana

Lola Jusidman Shoshana is a climate justice and decarbonization activist, student power organizer, and Masters student of climate politics at NYU’s Wilf Family Department of Politics. She has organized for 5 years with NYU Divest for Climate Justice, a campaign which has awakened a wave of student escalation against the university’s billionaire Trustees. In 2017, Lola founded Decarbonize NYU, a horizontal campaign organizing the NYU community to fight for a 100% renewable university, an end to NYU’s reliance on fracked gas, emissions transparency, and accountability to local Environmental Justice organizations. Lola is an empiricist who believes that the social sciences and humanities can and must work in strategic service of social movements. She is interested in reaching an understanding of the climate movement in the aggregate, and intends to write her thesis on states, climate movements, and carbon fuels. She stands in solidarity and admiration of those struggling for collective liberation and human/nonhuman dignity.