Hiking with My Father

This poem is being tended to by Sprout Up NYU.

“On the lookout for bears, cougars, hypothermia,
starvation, poisonous bugs, trees falling, landslides,
avalanches, poisonous berries, snakes, frostbite,
cuts, sprains, dehydration, and Confederate flags,
through Snoqualmie Falls, the Olympic Mountains,
and finally, Mount St. Helens,
we now witness
patches of miniscule purple petals
blooming so soon after the blast,
blooming from the sterile dust,
blooming from the forest of the standing dead.”

-Ruth Irupé Sanabria from “Hiking with My Father”

Installation featuring Little Bell Morning GloriesNettles, Sunflowers, Bejuca Campana, and Ragweed

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