To Haiti from Mountain Dell Farm

This poem is being tended to by Divest-Decarbonize NYU.

“And we’ve been told: we need
our forests thinned,
quarries emptied,
farms and towns
drowned in reservoirs.
And we’ve been told: we need
gas drilling to pay
our bills: houses,
health insurance,
credit cards,
and food.
And we’ve been told:
your disasters are all natural,
our injuries unconnected,
none of us related.”

-Lisa Wujnovich from “To Haiti from Mountain Dell Farm”

Installation featuring Pearly Gates Morning GloriesLittle Bell Morning GloriesColorinDutchman’s LaudanumRagweedKudzuNettlesSingapore DaisyBejuco Campana, and Sunflower.

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