This poem is being tended to by Laura Cabochan, Emily Gaines, and Micheal Hooker.

“The animals camp out in the farm
of my body, a field of muscle, fat
and bone, sea of nerves; they mend
my vessels, sew back my arteries, sing
my stutter, gallop my missteps—first a
horse, then the others claim their places,
even snakes and insects swivel and swarm.
I thought the rupture within was all
a human thing—the mother, the father,
the lost girl—now I understand, the earth
itself is calling and the animals, buried,
scattered, those who rise, snort, bellow,
murmur, hiss; their hooves, wings, fins,
and tentacles seed the soil,
repair the soul.”

-Kathy Engel from “Return”

Installation featuring Pearly Gates Morning GloriesLittle Bell Morning GloriesColorinDutchman’s LaudanumRagweedKudzuNettlesSingapore DaisyBejuco Campana, and Sunflower.

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